We provide specialist care and support for adults with learning disabilities, embracing their families and the people who are most important in their lives.


We offer individually tailored care plans in the heart of supportive, nurturing communities. Our extensively trained staff deliver high quality care, specialising in the management of challenging behaviours and emotional difficulties.




We are focused on delivering needs-led services that offer individuals choice, independence and the dedicated care of trained support-workers. 



Our community-based homes provide residents with safe environments to live independently, develop new social skills and enjoy life-long learning.


We invite individuals to participate in a variety of stimulating recreational and educational activities, both within the Centre and in the wider community.


Our homes provide comfortable accommodation and staff support to offer individuals choices, opportunities and experiences within a friendly developmental environment.



Ormsby Lodge is a large, spacious house in the heart of Southsea. The home is adjacent to the Southsea shopping precinct, close by to the wide open spaces of the seafront and Southsea Common. With generous communal spaces, private rooms and garden, Ormsby Lodge is fully equipped to provide the comfort and support for residents to enjoy independent living.



Brighton Lodge is a comfortable residence on the outskirts of Emsworth, boasting a large, secluded garden with ample space to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. Nearby, residents can visit the natural harbour, shops and local amenities. Brighton Lodge opened as a home in 1993 and has built a tradition of high quality support from the outset.


The Life-Skills Centre supports individuals in a variety of stimulating activities, designed to satisfy their personal interests and help in the learning of new skills.

Situated close to the beach in Southsea, the Centre provides activity-led development for individuals from the local community and the Southeast Hampshire region. The skills that we promote are varied and include a range of independent living skills such as road safety, assertiveness and other individualised training needs. Swimming and other sports are integrated into a personalised programme of activities for each individual and there is a great emphasis on accessing community facilities for activities including adult literacy, numeracy, IT, music, drama and art therapy.

We use a variety of methods of communication and provide a level of staff support determined upon each individual’s needs.



LISTENING to individual needs

We begin by helping individuals to identify personal preferences, choices and aspirations, and build a tailored care package in partnership with families, friends and referring agencies. Working from a foundation of understanding and collaboration, we're able to provide specialised support that encourages personal development in a safe, comfortable environment - ensuring at all times that we are open, approachable and flexible to individuals.


Highest standards of care

We are dedicated to high standards of staff training and supervision, providing a stable workforce of skilled and knowledgeable support-workers who specialise in supporting individuals with complex needs. The staff support level that we provide ranges from 1:4 to 1:1 and we use a variety of communication methods, including Makaton sign language, throughout the organisation. We liaise with health care services and comply to the national standards of the Care Quality Commission, ensuring quality of service by performing regular internal reviews and encouraging feedback from residents, their families and specialist partners every step of the way. 

Choice, independence and INCLUSION

We focus on providing a caring, stimulating environment in which residents can discover greater independence, develop important social skills and live in the heart of a supporting community. Individuals in our care actively participate in planning their activities, choosing menus and participate in the day to day running of the homes and the Life-Skills Centre. By accessing the wider community through friendship schemes, club participation, day trips and other activities, we encourage our residents to fulfil their interests and lead rich and active lifestyles.



Personal growth and wellbeing


We aim to

Listen to you and understand you

Support you in your daily lives and in the choices you make

Learn about the things you like and dislike and how you want to be supported through talking to you and to other people who know and care about you

Provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop the ones you already have

Support you and people who care about you in understanding your rights and our obligations to you



Eddie, Resident

“I am very happy living at Ormsby Lodge and I like the support workers. I'm learning to cook and look after my washing. I go out bowling and I enjoy barbecues”


Kristle, Support Worker

“I have seen first hand the progress, growth and development that service users have made throughout their time with The Ormsby Group. This is a direct result of the excellent support they receive, and ongoing personal development the staff are offered to enable this.”


"I am more than happy with everybody at Ormsby Lodge and the Day Centre. My son is very settled and I feel I am very lucky for him to be in such a good home with people that really care"